Very slow page loading!



as I just saw there are at least two other Topics with basically the same problem.

The site loads fast sometimes when I use a proxy in the US, but in Europe it takes like an half minute to load. (Tested on two devices, at two different routers / locations and with different DNS)

I hope that this problem will be solved quickly before the weekend :slight_smile:


Good day, sir!

If the problem persists only in Europe, I suspect to be an internet malfunction that’s causing it. Please try again later.



well I can confirm that there seems to be an “internet malfunction”. Anyway, I can say that everything works just fine even for European countries like Romania, France and the Netherlands. But somehow it doesn’t work fast in Germany (with and without VPN).

Hope, this will get solved soon :confused:


@Tester2 Go to “Active Network adapter settings” on your PC >> “IPv4 Settings” >> and set the below DNS server address:

Primary DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Set these cloudflare dns and then try again.


@akhilkumar332 Thank you for your response.

Well, my notebook is already using since April or so, when it got released. Even my router is on

Anyway, now the page loads quick again, but sometimes images don’t get loaded or some URLs sometimes result into the Error page “No domain registered” or something like that.

So it seems to be a problem with 000webhost. At least, it loads faster again now :slight_smile:


No issues which could cause your problem have been spotted by now. If any outages will be discovered they will be fixed as soon as possible.


Oh, ok, well there has been one or two other people reporting here about similar problems.
Anyway, the outages seem to have been solved.

Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

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