Violation of terms services



Like many other people I saw on the forum, my website is sleeping and the reason is due to terms of service. However, I don’t know how that happened or why. Can you tell me why? I am so sorry if I did, is there a way to unsuspend it please?

The website: but I also bought a domain to get my own website:

Thanks for your help !


Hi, it would appear as though your Wordpress site used more than the allotted database limits. I’ve unsuspended your site, however I suggest upgrading to a premium plan to avoid this. The next time it happens, it’s likely that the site will stay suspended.


Read this for more information.


I just checked my database and I only filled 3MB out of 1G… Are you sure this was the reason for it?


Hey @sulliops,

Can you unsuspend my website :

Thanks a lot


Suspension removed @mouadj