Virus? When i try to login into I get a Virus?


Hello there! When I try to login into, my avast antivirus detects a virus/adware? from the site its called URL:Mal i believe. why is that?


Uh oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. Rest assured, 000webhost does not allow viruses to make their way to your computer through our trusted sites, like

One thing you can try is making an exception in Avast. To do that, you should follow this tutorial:

Under the instructions for Web Shield, follow the steps. The exception you need to make is *

If that doesn’t work, can you screenshot this issue if it happens again and post it here? I’d love to see exactly what the error is, especially since it’s one of the best ways for me to help.


above is the screenshot of the said threat detected by avast. Before I make an exemption, is URL:Mal not a threat? what is it? and Why do I receive it when i try to log in to “files.000webhost”?


Hi @frostkazuma!

That’s a false positive. 000webhost is being abused therefore some companies decided to block our site.

We have already contacted Avast to remove the URL from malicious list. This should go away soon.


same problem on my website as well


Hello teodor! thank you for replying