Web Form doesn't send email


Using the website builder I have a web form on my site at http://www.strangerscult.com/join but when you fill it out and it says successfully submitted the email I have it set to go to doesn’t actually receive anything. I can’t figure out where I am going wrong.


You need an SMTP Plugin if you use Wordpress because it’s hard to edit the different corresponding PHPs


Not using wordpress just the Website building tool provided.


Hmmm… I don’t use the website builder… The Zyro Website Builder isn’t very functional, it has several limitations. Why do you use it? Wordpress is no longer a blogger-only or developer-only CMS platform


I’ve never used wordpress before, was looking for a way to build a site for my gaming clan without having to mess around with any code, or as little as possible. The web form is used for join applications and is the most complicated thing on the site.


Hi @kn1ne
Use Zoho mail service to create an online mailbox for your domain email.
Follow this tutorial