Web Portal not CPanel

This site is wonderful and it is better than some other free services. One of the downsides, is that it uses a custom portal that is quite limited, where other hosting providers let you use cpanel. On your landing page, you also promise cpanel, but in reality, we get your custom portal.

Is there anyway to reverse this or to switch me to CPanel instead?

For paying a premium price yes.

No doubt you’ve also heard of the recent cpanel pricing increases and a lot more providers are moving away from them to other alternatives

It makes sense, but is unfortunate. I just need more fine grained controls. I am hosting a really small site that isn’t resource intensive and doesn’t directly generate revenue, so I don’t see a point in paying a monthly fee for small hosting.

What features are you missing particularly?

  • I was just more used to cpanel.
  • I am missing the unlimited redirects and redirects to other domains
  • Better controls over mail forwarding
  • One-click wordpress set up
  • And I’m sure there is more that I’m missing.
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We still offer the one click WordPress setup on the free plan
But yeah they’re redirects, domains and mail forwarding has been removed off the free system.