Web site down, instruction not working for me


My web site is down and I get a page telling me to save my site on the old member area and than create a new account in the new members area but when I try to create a new account, I always get logged into the already existing acount. Do I have to use a different user name and password for the new members area?


Log out of 000webhost.com

Login here: https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old

Using the same email you’ve signed up to the forum with.
With regards to domain amberroom.org

Backup your files public_html folder and any databases you may have created, then hit delete site/account at bottom of the old control panel, back to empty account list, hit your name under customer details on the right hand side and delete profile.


I can do whatever I want, if I try to get into the new panel, I will always end up in the old panel. I log out, than I log on to the new member area with the same user and password but I do not get to the new panel. I always end up in the old panel.


If you end up in the old panel.

You need to delete any sites within the old panel by accessing “Enter cPanel” of each site and backing it up and then deleting it within the cPanel if you can get that far

If you have no active sites available to delete you must delete your old panel profile by hitting your name under customer details on the accounts list then hit delete profile

You’ll be logged out, log back in and the new panel should appear.


I am sorry to say that but your systems seems to be pretty messed up…I deleted my account on the old members area and finally could create the new account …thanks!
However, after creating the first website, I see “lardaceous-weldings” as a web site title…I have never put that in. I was using amberroom as a name. Why is it showing me “lardaceous-weldings” as a web site?


Random application name for 000webhostapp.com address, you can delete it via General Settings, click add and choose a username yourself which will be used for FTP, you can then park your own custom domain.

Or you can just add your custom domain via Set Web Address, Own Domain first and continue to use lardaceous-weldings as your FTP username.


Thank you Infinity! Its all up and running!