Webhosting has failed

Halo guys
I have uploaded my laravel project on
my space but am getting this " This page isn’t working

moviesug.000webhostapp.com is currently unable to handle this request.


Please help me what could be the issue

I’ve enabled error reporting for your website :slight_smile:

It looks like:

  1. You had uploaded your files to the / directory (moved them to public_html)
  2. You don’t have the /vendor/ directory, so please upload it :slight_smile:

is their a way to upload folders too because seems the problem single files that were in the index directory were uploaded but those inside the folders were left out

You could use an FTP client.
Most popular ones include FileZilla client.

let me try
but what is the host name now
also what should i use for my password is it the site name and password

am trying www.000webhost.com as the host name but its not working

Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.
am getting this now

Host name: files.000webhost.com
Username: moviesug
Password: same as your website's password
Port: 21

thanks a lot it has worked let me now upload.

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