WebHosts thinks that www is subdomain


Hi. I use namecheap domain and i have some problems with NS.
I’ve added WebHost’s NS records on namecheap. But now WebHost thinks that www is subdomain. How can i fix this?

I’ve tryed to press “Unlink” (www lodthe me) and pressed “Link website” (lodthe me) but subdomain www lodthe me was created again. I can visit my website with link www.lodthe.me but i can’t visit it with link lodthe.me

Thx for help and sorry for my English. (Sorry for links, i can put only 1 at post)


Can you please screenshot your domain registrar’s cPanel ?



The file is broken, can you please upload the image to an image hosting website and share the link?


If image doesn’t work https://preview.ibb.co/fmDY0F/image.png


Try capitalizing the nameservers

Also, did you park your domain correctly to 000webhost?


Hi @LoDThe!

www is subdomain

www is and always has been a subdomain. The main domain (naked domain) is the address from where the A records are being fetched. www always points with CNAME to your naked domain – which is lodthe.me (unless you have other things set up on your DNS; but this is not the case because your domain is parked using NSs.)

In other words, the parking was successful!


I had chosen “Park domain” and after pressed “Park domain”


Yes, you’re doing it fine :wink:


But what i should do next? Can you explain me please?



Your domain lodthe.me has now been parked to 000webhost and linked to your website lodthe.000webhostapp.com

Now you can access lodthe.000webhostapp.com using lodthe.me or www.lodth.me as well :slight_smile:

That was all :wink:


But I can’t acces my website using lodthe.me
<img src=http://i.imgur.com/IFrxuhM.png">


Yes, you’ll need to flush your DNS and clear your browser cache for it to work. Please follow this tutorial:

Chose the appropriate one for your Operating System.


Thank you for the help!