Webpage does not refresh



I have been working on a website for a customer of mine who has his website hosted on your 000webshost solution. It is here http://chsmithfurniture.co.uk

I have made changes to the contact page, uploaded new files to the hosting area, as per the rest of the site but for some reason the contact page will not refresh. It still shows an old version of the page. I have tried clearing the cache on my computer browser and viewing the site on different platforms and browsers but it still does not show the new version of the page. This leeds me to believe there is an issue with the hosting account.

How can I fix this?



Are you sure you updated that file?
Probably the file manager forgot to update that specific file


Just checked again and noticed a .php version of the contact page that was left over from the old site. Don’t know how or why it was there but now it’s gone it appears to be working.