Webpage works only with "www." not base domain.com


Hello community,

I have made a simple test index page after pointing the google domains URL everloststudios.com to the hosting location here at 000. I have also linked the domain name to the website and have two listings under “Set Web Address” the www. is listed as a subdomain.

The simple Hello World page displays only when you type in the www.everloststudios.com and displays the error
"This website is not properly configured." if you leave it off.

I’ve double checked my name servers at google domains, and they are solid.
The domain reports both are linked to the site everlost.000webhostapp.com.
I’ve cleared all my cached files and tried multiple browsers.

This all started with a broken Wordpress automated install that didn’t have a wp-admin area. I’ve been trying to boil it down to the bare nuts and bolts. At this point, I have to conclude I’m missing something obvious. Can someone please take a peek? I’d love a suggestion.


@Simplify Seems all fine on my side.
I can able to load your website with or without “www”.

Try this tutorial, this will help you:-


The DNS server change seems to have cleared this up quickly for me! Thanks very much for the advice.