Website access problem


Four days ago, I started a website with wordpress and 00webhost. As I was working on it as the webmaster I lost access. I checked the website and it doesn’t work either for the users.
Just before the problem appeared, I activated plugins.
The message is now :

“Application error
An error occurred in the website and your page could not be displayed. If you are the website owner, check your logs for details.”

Thank you for your help


What plugins did you activate?


Head to settings on wp-admin and go to Permalinks and choose default please :smiley:

w3 cache was causing an issue so it has been removed; 000webhost platform advises against the use of it sorry.


During a moment I had a new access to my website and I misunderstood the message on it so I installed again this plugin (w3 cache). Sorry for this. Could you remove again this plugin on my platform ?
Thank a lot

#5 try now


Thank you very much to take time to help me !!! I am in charge to organize and to fill a website to promote the work of my group of french teachers of mathematics about a way to teach students of 15 - 18 years old.
Indeed I thank you very much