Website / Account is gone?

My website is currently down, saying server not found, I can’t seem to log in using any of my emails, I tried sending a password reset to all my emails and never got a link.

I think this or something similar may have happened a few years ago and I had to rebuild my site, Luckily I had the site backed up.

Anyway of recovering my account? I was somehow able to log in to the community forum but not the hosting login! Very odd.

The hosting accounts are removed if you don’t login at least once every three months.
If you provide your free app URL I can confirm deletion.

Was there any notification / email sent about this?
My Website is

I see no matches for that URL I need the free app URL please to confirm via logs.

There is notification sent but seems hit or miss due to email providers blacklisting the term 000webhost so sometimes it doesn’t even go to spam.

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