WebSite almost always down!


I’ve read that all sites hosted on your sever for about 4 hours are down.
I do not understand why my site, after some change, eg. added plugin, adding new post etc. it is always down.
Can you help me understand why the site is always down after some change?
Thanks for all the help you can give me
Best Regards,


what error are you getting?


Error 502. See attached photo.
Thanks for all the help you can give me.


I’ve a feeling before I go investigate that you are running a script like WordPress and you’ll have too many plugins or such and when the limits are reached on 000webhost then this is the page that CloudFlare does display when WP can’t communicate with the database fast enough.


Thanks for your response.
I use WordPress and I have installed 10/11 plugin.
Is not this possible with this web hosting?


You can but


Thanks for the quick and clear answer.
I hope you succeed in detecting spammers and limiting them only.
Thank you so much for your free service.
Best Regards,