Website Archive function and Control Panel design changes are LIVE!


Dear 000webhost community,

Long time no see! Here at 000webhost, our primary goal is to give you the possibility to learn, experiment, and succeed with your website by using our web hosting products. Since early 2004, we have kept 000webhost free and accessible for everyone. We do not plan to change that. I know I was silent for some time, but that was not because we moved away from this project. We were working hard to improve it. Today, we rolled out some changes you can already go ahead and see them live.

Website Archive function
In line with keeping 000webhost’s continued growth, I am happy to introduce a new functionality. A user’s website will be archived if it is not used for more than two months. This means that it becomes inaccessible for its visitors. However, it is simple for website users to "reawaken their projects by logging into their 000webhost account and “unarchiving” the project.

However, please note that you can only unarchive your website once. If you allow your website to be archived for a second time by not using it for more than two months, then you will only be able to recover it by upgrading your 000webhost’s account to Hostinger premium services.

Why are we doing it?
We want to boost active learning at 000webhost. We want to keep you active and engaged. Also, we want to give you the best performance possible (speed, uptime, you name it :slight_smile: ). It is not a secret - we host a lot of websites while our infrastructure has some clearly defined limits. We were thinking what we could do in order to use our resources as efficiently as possible, so we decided to archive inactive websites to optimise our performance and have more resources for the active ones. Based on our calculations it will allow us to scale the performance of our infrastructure even more, and provide YOU with the best learning experience. We will closely monitor the changes and this may enable us to move towards disabling website sleeping functionality. We got a lot of requests to work on it, so here we go - we are on it :slight_smile: what do you think? Should we continue to search for ways on how we could remove website sleeping for your sites? Let me know in the comments :slight_smile:

Control Panel design update
Yes, we did it. It is live and most of you probably already saw it. We had some drastic changes in the appearance of 000webhost panel. Here what was changed: basically, over the past months panel got more and more cluttered with various features, popups, colors and buttons. Somehow, we reached a point, where even we ourselves were not feeling happy on our Control Panel. So we decided to de-clutter it as much as possible. We removed everything that was not related to the actual learning and web development experience. We changed the colors of the panel to really make users focused on what matters: learning and building projects online. Now, everything is much cleaner. Call to Actions are much more visible. All non-related information is removed.

We hope we removed as much distractions as possible and now you will be more focused on learning and developing your projects. We will be monitoring the experience, collecting feedback and improving even more, so please expect some more nice changes in the future :slight_smile:

Let me know how you feel about new Control Panel design in the comments of this thread. Also, feel free to ask questions about these two changes - I will be more than happy to answer them.

Stay curious! We are very happy to have you onboard :wink:


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