Website archived without warning



i understand the need of archiving unused websites, but it is very unfair to do this without a warning! my website was archived some days ago without letting me know beforehand. now i can’t access my ftp folder with my remote devices. this caused a very big problem in my system! please do not this! warn the users at least 1 week before archiving!

also, on the forum @daugis stated that:
“A user’s website will be archived if it is not used for more than two months.”

this is not a technically explicit affirmation. please elaborate this! what does it mean exactly “not used”? not logged in? not uploaded new content? not visited the website?
what actions should someone do, to be considered as used?



Hello @wanek,

Here at 000webhost, we aim to give unlimited and free access to the internet and its power for all the people around the world. We want to help you learn and build your first projects online. Moreover, we want to provide this opportunity free of charge for our users - we do not plan to change that anytime soon.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this functionality. I really appreciate your idea about user notification prior to archiving. I will make sure we include this in one of our development sprints. :pray:

Regarding websites being not used - we have a comprehensive set of various indicators and metrics that we take into account when making the evaluation. So the projects that are being developed and/or receives traffic etc., will not be affected. We use this logic to prevent abuse and provide the best experience for you, our valued community members and knowledge-hungry learners!



thanks for the prompt answer!
so, if i generate more traffic, or more regularly, it will keep the website in “used” status?


Have a great day ahead


I understand why you people would do this, and I agree with you, a heads-up before “archiving” would be great too but… I’m here coz my site is also archived and I cannot seem to unarchive it, never seen this feature before.

Also I am unable to edit the website name as I am simply trying to test a site I worked on.

Could you help me unarchive it please?


@ckhawand could please un archive the website of @cholasimmons!


Should be unarchivable via the cPanel :slight_smile:


nope, would you like my login details?
it says site is running but opening the URL says archived.
cPanel don’t say jack about anything!


Issue reported :slight_smile:


I am also having this issue with my website, I see no way to unarchive it and the cpanel says it is running, but when I go to it ( it says it is archived.


Forwarded to a developer :slight_smile: