Website builder | Wordpress | File Manager not working


Manage Website button not working. pls fix ̶r̶i̶t̶o̶ webhost


Hi, there has been unexpected maintenance to help with a server failure throughout today. Things should be beginning to work now.


I am not able to see my panel when I am clicking build my website.
It’s more than 12 hours now I am facing this issue.
Please suggest what should I have to do to edit my website content


Hey, guys, I´m trying to built a wp site and when I tried to install the wp on a brand new site I hit this error since two days ago. Someone knows what is happening ?


Hi, there has been unexpected maintenance today on lots of services, including Wordpress. However, if you’ve been seeing that issue for more than a day, there could be a different problem. Please try again and let me know how it goes.


Everytime I try to install wordpress on my domain it don’t work properly. I’m not able to login and etc.
Sometimes it looks like the instalation worked just fine but when I try to login it doesn’t work. But normaly the follow mensage appears:

In most of time that’s what heppens:

And the site looks like it everytime (-33% zoom):

The login page like this:


And it’s not possible to access the admin page. That happened when I started to use my own domain with cloudflare because of the HTTPS.


I’ve notified a developer. They’ll look into it. :slight_smile:


Nothing yet? I’d really liked a response, please =/


Sorry, our website builder is temporarily unavailable…

Resset website not helping,used only 1 time in 5 days,and now not alowing reset (1 time per hours showing)???
Canot edit website


I think it is down for everyone, I cannot access it either.


Issue forwarded to the devs


Yea its down for me too



It’s down for me also. Any idea on a time how long it will be unavailable for? Thanks in advance.



Sorry, but we have no ETA


I cannot believe this is still down, lately it has been one after another, I think that the service is disgraceful.


I agree, Its been down for three days now.


Website builder is still not active.
I am getting following error


Good day, everyone!

All upper issues are related to our recent downtimes. They will be fixed as soon as possible. Please read this topic for more information: Regarding Recent Outages

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I started to have that exact issue today. Never before.