Website Cache Issue


I have been working on updating my website ( for days now and have had multiple problems with website caching. I first noticed problems because it stopped reporting to Google Analytics. After changing my Wordpress theme, it started reporting again, but my home page seems to be stuck on my old theme. I installed a caching plugin to try to clear the cache and it is still stuck on the old theme. I have also tried clearing browser cache and on multiple devices. Does the server cache need to be cleared?


Nope no server cache, just your browser.


Not browser. That is my old theme. It is not showing my latest post either. Clicking on a post will show a different theme.


Hmm site is at a halt for me.
More than a few plugins? Try disabling a few.


The page is finally showing correctly. I don’t know whether it was removing those plug-ins (even if the problem existed before I installed them) or the cache finally cleared correctly. Thanks for looking into it.