Website can't be seen after switching from other hosting


Hey, I just switched from ecowebhosting to 000webhost since eco is blocking visitors from China to visit my page and since I get a lot of Chinese visitors to my page I need them to be able to access my site.

After adding the domain to my control panel at 000webhost and changing the nameservers to Cloudflare, I’m unable to see my website. I’ll get a “Not Found
The requested URL / was not found on this server” if I view the website from outside China. However, if I view the website from China I can access it just fine.

I deleted the old content of the website from my ecowebhosting server and I was able to install WordPress and setup wordpress on my website using 000webhost.

Does anyone have an idea where I might have gone wrong?


Your website is loading fine here.
Hit CTRL+F5 :wink:


What do you see? I tried it on three different computers and none of them shows my website.


On what OS those PCs run?


Working fine on my side too. Clear your browser cache and try again. :wink:


I just realized that it works fine if I have the www. before the URL. Without it can’t be seen.


Are you using pointing option?


I’m not sure what you mean but I’m pointing (without www.) on cloudflare to an IP.


Follow this