Website corrupted again


While publishing my website, the progress bar got stuck so I decided to reload. Well, the builder is all messed up and the website does not exist. I’d appreciate help!


Our developers are working on fixing this issue.


So this issue occurs often? I really hope this will be fixed and won’t happen again. So my website will be automatically recovered once this is fixed? By the way, thank you for your quick response and I’m glad the 000webhost team cares about their users :slight_smile:


Surely we care about our users!
And sorry for the delay, our developers are off on weekends.


Hello, @KiloB24! Are you talking about Zyro builder?


@vilchenco Yes. :slight_smile:


Website still down after all this time?


It’s still corrupt, I have no time to build it all again. Please restore my Zyro builder.


We don’t keep backups on the free service, I’m currently swamped today but another staff member may check your account to see if anything can be done, but if you have no backups and the files aren’t there then there isn’t much to do I’m afraid.


Oh alright. I’ll have to see if I have any old backup. But I wonder why this happens often with Zyro :confused: