Website currently HTTP, Google will block after July unless HTTPS?


Hi all,

I am currently using the free plan for my web site (Flight and Train Sim addons). I’ve just read that Google Chrome will mark web sites with HTTP as non-secure (i.e. blocking access). Source =

Q1) Do I need to do anything to prevent this on my free web site?

Q2) If I do add the cloudfare SSL, do I need to get my web site visitors to re-bookmark my web site including the HTTPS prefix? Or will the web site address with the prefix HTTP, still work for them?

Many thanks in advanced.


Depends if you are using the 000webhostapp subdomain, or a custom domain :wink:


OK, I’m confused.

According to my account (logged in) …

Type: Free Subdomain

Does this mean I need to update anything or simply advise on my website to my visitors they need to update their bookmark to the “”. My visitors will currently be using the “”.

Thank you for clarification :slight_smile:


Sorry but you cannot add SSL to that subdomain because they have been deprecated


So, I need to simply use the domain from now on, including my visitors?

Thanks again.


Yes or you can grab a free domain name from


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I shall make a news post on the web site to instruct my visitors to update their bookmark (as will I).