Website deleted!


Hello there! I had a website that I really liked, and I spent days working on it and I was really passionate about it. I recently just added a Dogecoin website miner so I could have it open on the go with my laptop, but a day later I find my website completely wiped. I wasn’t aware that having these scripts was against the rules, and even if this was against the rules I personally think I should have been warned about this in advance, so I could have time to remove the Miner. But I had received absolutely NO warning and I just found my website to be completely GONE. I’d like to talk to an admin and see if I could get it back.


What is the website in question?



@mantas.daraciunas check :slight_smile:


So what will happen?


Our dev will check it :slight_smile:


Okay :slight_smile: I hope everything will be fine



Check now, whether it’s fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it is all fixed. Thank you for your fast support and I will do my best to try not to violate any rules placed!


We are glad to hear that!

If you have any other question to ask open a new topic. We are here to help you with hosting as well as programming.

Happy webmastering!