Website displaying blank after changing php version

Hello i recently had a "Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 7.3.0” error and after investigating myself i saw that my PHP version was 7.1, i changed it to 7.3 in general settings and tried to install my site again and when i did that the error went away but now i just get a blank screen, i even tried reinstalling my website script again on PHP version 7.4 and i still got the same problem. Any idea why? How do i fix this? My site URL is:

I see it returns a 500 status code. Please enabling error displaying from 000webhost website settings and access the site again to see the error

Now i am getting this after re-enabling error displaying.Screenshot_5

Seems like my problem is similar to this post if not the same. Error 500 on website


To me it looks like you’re missing some vendor files. As 000webhost does not support SSH and composer, you’ll have to manually re-upload the missing files shown in the error message.

Did inode usage number get reduced? i saw before in other posts it said 20000 but i only have 10000.

Ah i see what you’re saying now, after checking i see the for some reason this file didn’t upload on extraction. I am unable to upload the missing files because it says i reached my inode usage limit so i get a disk full error when trying to upload.

You will have to use another host in this instance then :frowning:

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