Website doesn't work, not able to login to account


My website doesn’t work, I’m not able to login to my account. What is wrong?


Did you park your domain correctly?


I have been with 000webhost since 2008, I noticed a few weeks ago, my websiite doesn’t work, I have my domain from Godaddy, domain DNS settings: NS01.000WEBHOST, NS02.000WEBHOST.COM (the first address is also with com, I am not able to place 2 links)


No nameserver seems to be set :slight_smile:


In DNS settings? On Godaddy website?


@palec22 Your domain/website loads fine now.


I set everything once again and it works now. I still have a problem with receiving emails on my address I have had this address for many years with no problem (my domain on gmail), everything seems to be fine with gmail settings. Any idea, if 000webhost settings could be wrong for my email accout?


I see that few users are facing the same issue, anyways we’ve informed Admins about this issue and will be solved soon.


Any news regarding email? It’s still not working…


Not yet. We are still coming up with a solution to prevent abuse of the mail() function. We’ll let everyone know when we find a fix and when we re-enable the service. :slight_smile:

Best of luck! :wink:


Any idea when this issue with emails is going to be solved? For many people from this forum, as I can see, this problem is really important, my main email has not work for last 6 days. Should I look for alternative service provider?


Well, we’re woking on it