Website down, account not found?

I recently tried visiting my website and received a “server not found” error.


I initially called godaddy, since they are managing my domain, but they said that everything appears to be correctly set up on their end, and that I should contact my webhost.

I then tried logging in to my 000webhost account, but got a message stating “No account is associated with this email.” I still have my messages from 000webhost at that address, from 2017, and my forum account (using the same address) is still active, so I am a bit confused about that.


I have also been unable to connect to my site via ftp

I would like to get my website back up as quickly as possible, and figure out what is going on with my account.

Since you’ve said the email address was not recognised I can only assume inactivity deletion since you’ve not provided 000webhostapp URL.
We can’t check via custom domains or email addresses that have been removed.

You can create a new random free subdomain and park your domain, if it works this will confirm inactivity deletion.

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