Website Down Error 404

could someone please help me to resolve this issue it happens again and again with me and I have to wait for the hours yesterday I posted about it and someone told me that that it happens when your site reaches to the hourly limits. but could someone guide me to resolve this or any alternative so it won’t happen again and again.

after searching for similar issues i also tried this (Settings>>Permalinks and selected plain and clicked save button )but nothing worked. please help

Can you expand on the issue and what script you have installed

I’m developing a wordPress based website for which I’ve used elementor page builder smartSlider plugin everything was working fine and suddenly when I updated something a message(connection to server lost ) pop up and then it on website view I was unable to see the other pages. it had been 2 times with me and and then I’ve to wait 30 to 60 minutes . after that everything works fine.
please help to resolve this issue.

That sounds like the free hourly limits are being exceeded unfortunately