Website error 500

my application error 500 , what shoupd i do to fix it?

Did you install a cache plugin?

If so see

If not then expand on what script your site is, if it was installed before the error appeared or you are installing and the error appeared and just any information to help us assist you

Thank you so much for replying, one hour ago the website was working so fine until I fixed some images which could not load on my web page, so i did re upload my file in file manager and then the error 500 start to appeared. I used dream weaver for my coding and upload it using my file folder. How can i find my FTP username and password cause i didnt upload it with filezilla. Im still stuck on the Fix000webhost press.

Try loading your site now?
Somehow you had written html code into the .htaccess file

I can open my website now! Thank you so much ! I’m so new in this website thing. Im so happy :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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HI , I would like to ask i did uploaded my new css and other web page which I make the the footer not longer fixed… when I open my css in my file manager it was updated and when i view my css in my file manager the fixed footer is still there.

And somehow two of my images could not load as it an empty image, but i did rename and use the same name on my html page.

make sure path is correct, extension too.

Try hiting CTRL + SHIFT + R to empty chrome cache and for hard reload

For the CSS issue, please visit the CSS file via your browser and hit CTRL F5.
For the image issue, please do note that we use UNIX systems, meaning image.JPG is different from image.jpg, so please, either change the extension (in your case) to all capital, or reference the images in your HTML page to all lowercase

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