Website has content yet I see warning


Why am I seeing this? :disappointed_relieved:

I do have content in my website!


Please go to Build website, and hit I already built my website in the bottom


Thanks for the reply @ckhawand . But please can you help this noob with a screenshot of the button which i have to click?



I still cannot see it! Is it not visible on my account? It is showing in your account!!!

I have only three options. You have the fourth one.


What happens if you click on
Add content to yoir website


Nothing happens…there is no link i think in that


That’s not a problem if it shows that :smile:
Is there statistics button in Settings?


Here is statistics

I was thinking my website will be deleted if there is that no content warning. I customized it with good efffort. I love it.
Is my website safe @ckhawand ?


Yeah sure @prorocks2013 :wink:
Here is a tutorial to backup your website, just in case something unsusual happens :slight_smile:
Backup your website!


Thank you! @ckhawand you are a very helpful member!!