Website in coma + databse distinction question


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I work fast and didn’t use any script or bot, created last night some 30 internal pages that demonstrate Elementor free templates so I can tweak around while learning.
I also checked my statistics and nothing seems out of the ordinary, or in “danger zone”.

my website is configured to sleep from 02:00 (until 06:00) it’s now 09:30, and it’s still sleeping. How do I wake it up :wink: ?
One more question:
In the meanwhile, I’ve been researching around the cpanel, I found I have two databases.
It’s my first website and I’ve been trying things out, I guess the first one is not used, as I “created” the website (at least) twice while figuring things out.
They both show zero in size, and I didn’t see meta-data (time of creation) to go by; SO:
How do I find which is the relevant (in-use) db, so I don’t remove it?
Thanks in advance!



Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ve already informed admin about this and will be solved soon.

It takes some time to update.

Log in to your File Manager, Then open “wp-config.php” and check for database name and username.

Now compare it with the databases you have in “Manage Database” section and delete the unwanted one :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @akhilkumar332 for your kind reply!
I’m looking forward for the site to go up again.
Now about the database thing:
I still didn’t get to ftp the site, so I didn’t get to check wp-config as you recommended, and I will in a few minutes.
I did get to further inspect my activity log in cpanel, and I think the most current db (and the one on top of the db list in cpanel) should be the active one, but will double check to make sure before removal.


I now tried to ftp using FileZilla, and got “connection refused” :frowning:
I think it might have something to do with site being sleeping =
Oh well, I’ll wait.


@voltomi Log in to your 000webhost account, Then go to “Upload Files” >> “Upload files now”,
Now you’ll be redirected to “File Manager”. :slight_smile:

Also i see your website is working fine now.


Thank you very much @akhilkumar332 :slight_smile: The unneeded, previous db really was the lower one on the list. I appreciate your assistance on this :slight_smile:


If you’ve any other issues, let us know :slight_smile: