Website in Sleeper Mode for no reason


Hello! My website was being DDOS’ed earlier and my website went into sleeper mode tells me it’s for Violation of Terms of Service when I didn’t really do anything its for personal use. I got DDOS’ed with Botnet.
I seen staff members posting saying only way is for you to access it again is to upgrade.
I ain’t upgrading anything because I wasn’t the one who used botnet on my domain.
I ain’t paying up for something I haven’t done.
I want my website back and running.


Hey Habbo user!

Website is back online :slight_smile:




Wow thanks I’ll fix that don’t worry


@Infinity same think


Huh I’ll go check this now.


Okay thanks pal:sweat_smile:


Have you picked a 4 hour sleep time in settings?

I have unsuspended it but there are no abuse reports against it which means the system is doing it for some reason by itself :frowning:


I haven’t done anything.


Seems to be fine right now I’ll keep an eye on it hopefully it doesn’t happen again.


thanks I have cloudflare but people still try to ddos with botnets.


someone ddosing again


It could be the reason the system suspends you then :frowning:


Suspended me again. How can I make this ddos protect I even have cloudflare but when I opened last time it said 200 guests so it must be botnet.


If you can install an IP logger or view the current visitors of your site before it get suspended and then use IP Deny to block them under Security on 000webhost?


But it’s actually good when it puts my site to sleeper because only then my website starts working but. I can’t wake my site after its in sleeper mode.


Used one already he/she
is using proxy


I am not sure but it’s being sent from not one IP but a lot of them.


When site goes to sleep mode ddos stops. But make it possible so you unblock site after it goes sleep mode.
(Site still in sleep mode)


someone open site still sleeping.