Website is archived

I cant open my website.
It shows:

Website is archived.
If you are owner this site, please login to your admin panel to re-activate the project.

heres my website:

what should I do


Check this. :thinking:

Thank you for helping me!
Today is my the first day to open this site and I hope this tragedy will end soon…

Go to your 000webhost cpanel and unarchive your website there

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Thank you for replying, but I did and it shows that the status is running.

issue reported to devs :slight_smile:


Hi there, my website is also archived and I cannot unarchive it from Cpanel. Address is Is there a bug somewhere? Or am I not seeing something?

Hi @pbornet!

We have reported the issue to our developers. Please be patient :slight_smile:

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Guys, I have the same issue, I cannot unarchive my 2 sites:

Can you please assist??

Thank you


I have reported the websites to our developers. Please be patient. :slight_smile:


hello please help I have the same problem my site have been archived and I cant unarchived here is the link or

not sure wich one is

Will resolve this week at some point

I have tried to restore my site and it is not restored. Delete my account I created it again and it indicates that the domain is already in use I would like to delete the domain to re-parke it

The email for the account was previously linked with?

no puedo abrir mi pagina ya van dos dias

That application is deleted not archived

My web-page is archived I have already restore it but still there is no update.
Please advice. is still archived and probably will be till the end of the week.
I’ve added your site to a list to be manually restored, when we do restore it we will update you here.

Thank you so much

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hserwan restored :slight_smile: