Website is in sleep


how much time it exactly takes to wake. i have been wating frm last one hrs when count down for sleep time ended please help…


Can take upto 30 more minutes :slight_smile:


Hi Moderator,

My website is in sleep for the past one day. May i know the reason. Many users are using this, but all services are down. Kindly help.



I unsuspended your site 16 hours ago and again I will unsuspend it now - your site is overloading the server and the system is automatically suspending it for the usage, if it happens again that will be the last time I will unsuspend it, you’ll need to move to premium or find alternative services.


Sure i will consider upgrading the plan. May i know whether i will get the same domain?


Depending what plan you take you’ll get a free domain or use your existing one, if you don’t own a domain then you’ll need to grab a free domain at etc.
You can forward your existing subdomain to your new hosting if required.