Website is no longer available Deleted by the authors

Hi there

Looks like the authors have deleted my website

can you help me to check why it was deleted? i didn’t get any mail with warnings o notifications

there’s anything that i can do to recover it?

Dear Sir,

I’m afraid website alongside account have been removed on 4 October due to inactivity.

Please read this topic for more information

Thanks Teodor

That’s what’s bother me i didn’t receive the notification

They’ve invested heavily in a third party mailing service to ensure high deliverability, but sadly some providers still even blacklist the term “000webhost” so it goes to spam due to previous abusive users, we can’t help that some providers do this.

aside of this incident, i’m very happy with the service, thank you both for your answers…

i’m trying to star over using the url of my site but i get this message:
“Another website with this name already exists.”

Sadly the same free subdomain won’t be able to be used again due to policy.
You can choose any other free subdomain which is free, then you can park a free custom domain or paid custom domain onto it to be unique like