Website is not linked to my godaddy domain


i have buy a domain from godaddy and set it to forward my domain to subdomain.000webhostapp see the image_1

and i have also set name servers ns01 and ns02.000webhost

And i have create a website on 000webhost which is successfully running. But when i linked it to my domain and browse my domain then it redirects me to this domain while i this is not my website that i have created and linked it to my domain.
Where i am wrong please help i am stuck.


Follow this tutorial


Hi 000webhost support,I hope this finds you kicking dragons, taking names and being super awesome. I’d like you to enable the PHP IMAP extension for my account. It’ll go a long way to further cement this long-running hosting relationship of ours. Thanks!


Sorry, but we can’t enable modules :slight_smile:
Did you check if it is enabled first?


I already checked it but they are not enabled.
I just want to enable IMAP extension for my account. Can you enable it for me please.


It’s not a click of a button :slight_smile:
Paid plans support IMAP so I recommend you upgrade