Website is not loading or is it sleeping?


My website: or is not loading for hours. Its showing running in the members area but its not loading. I don’t know what’s happening, either the website is down or is it sleeping? If it was sleeping, then how do i set the time? There’s no option like Website sleeping time frame in my general settings. A Help will be required.
Thanks for reading


Hi, please read this topic for more information.

Try removing any plugins that you’ve installed recently and waiting for the site to come back online.


Sites no longer sleep so that won’t be the issue.

Head to wp-content and rename plugins folder to plugins.test and see if your site loads after that.


Nope even after renaming plugins folder to plugins.test, its not loading. My website used to load and work smoothly before. I can’t even access my wordpress admin page. Now i removed plugins from file manager but still not working! Can anyone find a solution?


Are you able to access your phpMyAdmin?


I didn’t add that yet. :frowning:


I tried to reset my website, didn’t work. Finally, i had to delete it, All my hardwork is wasted. Now you can close this thread. :frowning: