Website is not opening also not the admin panel


I am using wordpress software for building my website a few hours ago i was trying to install two new plugin at a same time after that nothing is comming.
Check Here -
what to do??


Delete the .htaccess file from public_html then try?


I deleted the .htaccess file but noting changes.


Can view browse to /wp-content and then plugins I think? And remove the plugin folders of the ones you tried to install?


i already deleted the plugins folder.


The whole folder? Or just the plugins you tried to install?


the plugins i tried to install…


Can you see if there are any other .htaccess files around your folders and delete them?


no there are no other files with this name.
Should I delete the temp folder??


Is there any reset option.
I can still make the whole thing but I need the domain stay same.


You can reset but it will delete all website content and the domain. Afterwards you will have to add the domain again. If you still want to proceed let me know.


Can you delete the index.php file and reupload index.php from the installation file of WordPress to see if this solves it.
If you need help do reply.


Your website is working fine now…check again.
if not clear your browser cache and data and then try again.

Also use “http” in both worrdpress and site url…from general settings.