Website is not responding, the error is server stopped responding

I have created my website with 000webhost. I am under time limit. I need to finish this within 48hrs. my website suddenly stopped working. This is my website. Though I had to keep it lock from public but the thing is that I just cannot get access to it at all. Please review this error. please ge tback to me as soon as possible.

Likely rate limiting just wait it out or upgrade

Basically, you are suggesting that I should upgrade to access my website back?
Can I upgrade to premium shared hosting to access the same website I was before ?
I do not want to loose any data that I currently have on the website… Will I??

Please I will really appreciate your reply.

I said wait it out or upgrade.
Upgrading transfers the data to premium with no limits.

Read the thread above database is likely frozen for exceeding rate limitations and will unfreeze eventually.