Website is redirecting to another site

When I am trying to open getwele dot com but it is redirecting at clubdiscount dot su
Where is my getwele dot com
It’s redirecting at clubdiscount dot su
All menu tabs of getwele dot com are redirecting at clubdiscount dot su
Please look in to this ASAP.

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Hi I can’t replicate your issue, but if you are saying your website which you own getwele dot com is redirecting to a completely different site then it sounds like your site has been infected/breached by a rogue plugin or theme.
To resolve this I would recommend a complete fresh installation of WordPress to be sure that the malware is removed completely.

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Again it is distracted structure of whole website.
What is exact problem ? I freashly installed everything

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Site looks great here, can you attach screenshots of any issues?


Chrome Win10

FireFox Win10

Edge Win10

I could not identify the CMS you used to build your site.

To test on Smartphones use the extension to change the UserAgent momentarily from your browser.


There are others if you prefer, I indicated this because it is what I currently use.

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