Website is Sleeping due to Violation of Policy


My website is sleeping right now due to violation of service. Can you please fix this and make the website live again?
Thanks in advance!


Your site was suspended because you used too many resources. This means that your usage went over the allotted storage or bandwidth. In order to regain access, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to premium and ask the Hostinger support staff to move your site to their platform.


Can you please remove the unnecessary resources and bring the site live? I need not add anymore resources. This was for my college project and I really need to get this done! Please sort this out, please? Clear the unnecessary resources if you can. Please.


@shaunak1508 I see your website is working fine now :slight_smile:


“In 12h 17m 6s your website zer0filler will be in sleep for 1 hour. Change time in settings or Upgrade to Hostinger to avoid sleep. Read More”

My website started to sleep. Please wake up. Thanks.


@zer0filler Fixed :slight_smile: , wait till the server related issues gets fixed by the Admins, then try again.


All right. I’m waiting. Thanks for the help.


Any other issue let us know :slight_smile: