Website is sleeping, help please?



I see that my website is sleeping in the dashboard, can you help please ? @Infinity

here’s the url :

Thanks a lot

I’m working on a project there.



No It’s not. Thanks for your help anyway


Please email for account suspensions.


Resolved, was due to requests, suspension removed via forum as you wouldn’t have got any suspension email related to this.


It’s suspended another time, can you help? @Infinity

#9 isn’t showing as suspended currently.
I’ll check this out now.


It’s appearing right now


Seems to load fine?

Please confirm


It’s not loading I can’t access to it


Can you help me @Infinity


Should be unsuspended now.



Your account is blocked

I see that on my dashboard i don’t know why


Good day, Sir!

Your website has been suspended by one of our malware scanners. It is possible that your Wordpress site may be infected with a malware, however there is no way we can certify this yet.

I have currently unsuspended your account. Please let us know if the issue reoccurs in near future.