Website is sleeping. Website owners can wake website from sleep in members area…


But when you’re locked out of your website & no one knows why & there seems to be only guesses thrown about as to how to remedy the unknown cause it can get frustrating. I hope to stay here but I have migrated my site to another free service that seems to be running well for now but it will require I change lots of links. But at some point it will have to be done if the issue never resolved here. You have a great service & usually very fast FTP but if one is locked out they are simply locked out. It would be useful to know why. I have never tried to go against any ToS here & have no need to. My 2 sites are only hobbies. I have nothing to gain from them other than that.


I have refreshed the FTP connections for your sites. Please try accessing File Manager and FTP and reply which one of them is working.

Your website has been temporarily suspended to overcome server failures. It usually happens either if your site exceeded some resources either if the server is overloaded. After suspension has been lifted, the system forgot to turn on the public FTP connections for your site: this is the reason you were receiving those errors.

Everything should load fine now though… And thank you for pointing out the FTP issue, we will pass it over to our developers. :wink: