Website is unusably slow



I started a free account tonight and created a wordpress site. It worked well for the first ~45 minutes, but then it became unusably slow. It is taking upwards of 15 minutes to change tabs in the WP dashboard, and once it does change tabs, it gives an error that the connection is lost.

The only plugins I have added are the recommended plugins for the Shapely theme (Jetpack and Contact 7), and Bootstrap Shortcodes.


WordPress uses lots of SQL queries, read



I have seen that post before. Does this mean that there is no way to fix this issue without upgrading to the premium tier? From what I’m hearing, it sounds like WordPress is unusable at the free tier.


It is usable if you do not have HEAVY work on it :slight_smile:


I only have a theme and a blank front page, so hopefully that’s not considered too heavy :slight_smile:

For now I plan on limiting how much work I do per hour to try and avoid the limits.


Working 20 or 30mins per hour should not be an issue, I believe