Website local Time Zone

Can anyone tell me how or if I can get the 000webhost server to reflect my local time zone on my website? It is now 4 hrs ahead of me.
Greatly appreciated

Add this line to your htaccess and change the location to where you want it to reflect

php_value date.timezone ’ Region / Zone

List of zones is here

Thank you. I have done that and when I run a php date/time inquiry in the document root the timezone is now correct. However, I am running a file uploader script in a sub-directory, and when I upload files, and go to the directory listing, the ‘last updated’ column in the listing still shows the wrong timezone. Do you have any suggestions how to fix that? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Was the script installed before or after making the .htaccess edits?

Before the htaccess edits

Once again, works fine on localhost after htaccess edits, and directory listing of uploads shows correct timezone

I have exhausted all of my different scenarios to get the correct time zone in uploaded files directory listings. I give up. That’s the only thing that doesn’t work, and I don’t know why. It has to be the webhost server, because it works elsewhere

Any ideas @ckhawand :angel:
After hours of searching, researching, and pleading I still have no solution to my directory listing ‘Last Modified’ not showing correct timezone. So, even tho it was important to me to show the correct time and date in one directory, I have used htaccess fancy indexing to suppress the Last Modified column. If it is not correct, I just don’t show it in all my directory listings. Not the solution I wanted, but it is a solution