Website made inoperative

My website created and hosted by 000webhost has been taken over by
unknown third party and rendered inoperative. Visitors are reporting to not being able to access much information and getting their computers infected with viruses. How can this possibly happen? Don’t you have any safety measures in place to block unsolicited activity? I have contacted the moderator who reports it indeed this has happened and I will have to reinstall the site again from scratch??
I am not even able to log into the control panel to see if I could reinstall from back-up database I hold on my computer, so what am I supposed to do?
Please advise.

Many thanks

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Hi there @nalag46 as per your email your WordPress powered website has been infected by either a bad plugin, theme or outdated installation - these are all things the hosting user/yourself is responsible for.

The reporting visitors mentioning viruses etc are most likely exaggerating or downloading content they shouldn’t be as the malware that has plauged your site is mostly popups/advertisements/redirects (so unless they downloaded the content and ran it willingly you’ve nothing to be responsible for there)

I see you successfully logged into the panel 14 minutes ago, you can hit the automatic installation and begin fresh from there :slight_smile:

Instructions to install a fresh WordPress for yourself

On the left hit Build a Website

Choose the second option the blue W which changes when you hover over it

Then choose a secure username and password and allow five minutes for the installation to complete.

Be sure to select “” from the URL dropdown list BEFORE hitting install :slight_smile:

Many thanks for prompt response. I will try the options given and see what happens.

If you indeed do have a backup which contains a lot of content then it could be possible to restore the content as long as the database/backup is in the correct format for you to follow the instructions.

I have uploaded my back files but I now get a message that I am seeing "this page because I haven’t got an Index.html in my Public_html folder? When I click create nothing happens so how do I go about creating one then?
Also my account previously created with email does not recognise my old password, have sent three messages asking for a reset link but have not had a reply. I can log in using my @gmail Google’s account details though, so does it mean I now have two 000webhost accounts? I thought I had the Google account details “unlinked” because of the error messages reported in your forum???
Getting confused

You’ve created a second account yes 2019-07-02 18:08:10 using a address

Your previous account is still active

index.html or index.php is the first file served to your visitors, when WordPress is installed it will display.
When manually have a website you’ve coded yourself you upload the index.html or index.php

If you are using WordPress you don’t need to worry about the index message, once you’ve ran the automatic installer WordPress will appear.

I am only need one account. How do I close the gmail account?
The@talknet account I know is active but on login it does not accept my password. Have sent three
times for a reset link but to no avail so I am stuck with @gmail to enter the site.
Thanks for your time.

Deleted the Gmail for you.

TalkTalk shows a successful login 2019-07-06 09:55:51

Much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Sorry to be a nuisance. I have got to Manage Database and after clicking “Import” nothing happens.
My database file size is 26Mb, is this the reason? And if so, how do I proceed?
My website wasn’t built using Wordpress, rather I chose a template and entered text and pictures manually using the C/Panel tools.

I’ll take a look at your site tomorrow if your site wasn’t made with WordPress and instead site builder then your data should be safe and still available to republish, enter the panel, build site and site builder then publish.

The reason why I am here is that my data files had been taken over and totally corrupted. It showed that was the case in Files Manager so I deleted them and I am trying to restore my original website from a full back up a created at the time (28/11/18). The size of my back up gz files is 26mb. I seem to remember the site builder was “Zyro” but that does not seem to be available now?

Following my past post I logged in, entered the panel and used the build a site option and then I published.
It has republished the site it had saved previously published

Oh, great, many thanks. The only thing it appears to be missing is the sub-page on two or three of the five links?

The site is up and working but how do I make any changes to my pages? All I can access is the “Build a Website” link and Tools does not offer any options. Where is the old Site Builder Control Panel in 000webhost?

Build a website then site builder the first icon?

Sorry, totally confused??After opening that option, get this message " No active user session found. Please login.

This message usually occurs when accessing site builder directly per “”.

Site builder can be accessed only via hosting control panel by clicking site builder icon inside.

Then it says “Zyro” site builder “coming soon”