Website migration issue


Dear Team
I found website migration problem from old account to new account, as their are the massages said that from 1st May, old account will not work any more, and provide some instructions to move the website from old account to new account, I follow the instruction but still unable to move my website.

My credentials for old account is:
My email:
Password: ****************

My credentials for new account is:
My email:
Password: *****************

It is great if you can do it



Hi @Ophat1!

  1. Old cPanel password is incorrect. Have you deleted your old cPanel already?

  2. I see both your websites are loading fine…



Both emails given have new panel accounts.

If was an old panel account you should have followed migration guide and not made a new panel account until you backed up your previous sites.

Since you’ve created a new panel account you can add sites to your new panel, then hit set web address and choose your old addresses.

Or you can TRY logging in here with your email but it may not work.