Website no longer loading


Website was working fine this morning and now it won’t load???

I haven’t changed anything either. I’ve used multiple devices/browsers with no success.


I can’t specifically comment on your issue but may it be related?

Your account is in good standing, no issues or any comments on your account suggesting otherwise so I don’t see any suspension etc.

Since loads fine I would suggest the issue is WordPress/Database/Rate Limiting


My website is not wordpress it’s drupal. I site had been working fine for the last 24 hours when I had my recent change to add recaptcha to the contact form to reduce spammers. Before this it was also working fine.

My site isn’t very complex so I would fail to believe that this is the result of my MySQL connections.


@surveybank I see your website loads fine,


Yes it is now but it wouldn’t load for over an hour. Since it loaded I have removed a couple of unused web modules but I’m not convinced. It definitely seems like a problem your end.


Probably database/rate limiting.