Website not loading correctly


hey there guys,

ive recently parked a domain with 000webhosts, it shows that its parked and created the subdomain www prefixed too

The issue i am having is that i can view the website on my mobile, but when i use my laptop all i get is a blank screen and chrome moans that its not a secure connection because i have a contact us form at the bottom of the page… could anyone confirm that the website is viewable

if it is viewable by others then i have an issue on my machine that needs addressing…


Machine issue it seems, try CTRL + F5 to force cache refresh.


thanks for getting back to me! thats brilliant that its not an issue elsewhere, think i need to remove some software from this machine, i did have avast and removed it but that hasnt stopped the issue. i am on bt broadband and it works on my mobile. ive tried clearing out chrome, ive tried on edge and it doesnt load on there either. im at a loss as to what could be causing the issue on the machine… :frowning: lol


@Infinity i have flushed my dns cache then i tried to ping the web address and ping is timing out. i think i may need to reinstall, i had a virus the other day and i think its completely screwed windows :frowning: :cry:


All 000webhost hosted websites should ping like so


Maybe try Google/OpenDNS/CF DNS


well i have turned the laptop on this morning and its working! :smiley:

strange to say the least! :smile:


Glad to hear that so I think we gonna close this.