Website not opening, keeps loading until forever


when is this going to be fixed?


@ichhabsdrauf Were these urls working before??


they were working till yesterday


Just observed some of the monitors are down.
I’ve informed Admins about this and will be fixed soon.


Hi, I have been experiencing the same problem since this morninig with my website Could you tell me please when the problem will be solved because my visitors urgently need to access the website.


@arvar Sorry, there’s no time scale for this as of now.


Does it mean that it will last for days? If yes, please tell me, and I have to move to other hosting provider. Really tired of permanent disgraceful problems with this hosting service during one year of unlucky experience.


Same issue here. will not load. Some details on the cause of the problem or at least a rough eta would be helpful.


Adding my domain too just so that i receive notification when it’s working again, or if some action is required.


@arvar 000webhost team is working hard to provide such cloud services for over 29M users.
Sometimes it may take time to fix the issue.
If you’ve don’t want any downtime, plz upgrade to premium, where the uptime is 99.9% guaranteed.


@Bryman @Bhikkhu_Pesala Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll let you know once the issue is resolved :slight_smile:


Thank you for the acknowledgment @akhilkumar332, but it might be a good idea to post a pinned message about this issue on the main page so users are confident that you’re aware of the issue at least.


@Bryman Thank you for the suggestion. I’m on it :slight_smile:


mine is having problems also. I am trying to log into the CPanel, but it is saying that i have no accounts under my email…


My site is back up again now thanks.


so are both of mine, but still cannot access the websites cpanel


Can you screenshot the error?


woah ur site’s great


Hey thanks! It’s my first attempt at building a site. Really only built it to try and teach myself some of the basics web development. Not sure how much appeal an aggregator of curated geek news has in 2018, but at least I learned a lot lol.


I think you should use some cms like wordpress would make it look great and also will add plugins.