Website not responding due to domain

My website was working fine and now returning a server not responding. Attached is my logs and I need this to work as it is attached to my mobile app as well… Please help

When I check it returns CloudFlare nameservers, I can only ASSUME you’ve setup CloudFlare incorrectly.

Screenshot your DNS entries over there and we can assist.

Else see

Only TWO CNAME values are required, NO A, NO AAAA etc.

Even my default domain is not working now. I have unlinked the domain name so I start again but it is not working… Please help me

Thank you for your reply, I have changed the name servers back to 000webhost but same issue happens

We need the nameservers to stay at CloudFlare.

If you send me a private message with your CloudFlare login details with a random secure password I can double check for you.