Website not update



I have update text-information on a page in my website. Even i press “Update” -button in backend, content not publish on my site.

I tried cache plugins “W3TC” and “WP Super cache” but no success, even CTRL-F5 with browser cache purge.

Can You please help me with issue.



Does it update in the backend?


As above ^
If it updates in backend then it will be just a cache issue, try not using cache plugins and fully emptying your local cache.


Hi again!

I have two sites on 000webhost:

  1. WP-test-site, created with Cpanel.
  2.”, migrated from local server.

Test-site updates normally from backend, but 2. not, (even changes are saved in backend).

I have clear browser cache and refresh page “CTRL+F5” and test several browsers with Win, OsX and Linux.

Unfortunately, the problem still exists with site 2.

Would there be any other suggestion?


Can you screenshot your wpadmin previewing what it should show and then the actual site what you are seeing and link


Actually neither wpadmin preview not show updates, only “develop-view” saves and shows given new data :frowning:


Any screenshots to what it should look like when published?


Ok, here is public-page and admin-view.


So when you hit publish what happens? Any errors?

Open console / inspect the page and see if there are any reports of anything being amiss


No errors on publishing. Neither any errors or missing in browser inspector.


Hi @khoikhoi if you don’t mind send me your wordpress site credentials through pm and i will take a look into the issue as soon as possible. :slight_smile: