Website not Updating After Changing HTML


Hi everyone! I just joined 000webhost today and made my first site. I started by making a simple header “Hello World!”, and when I uploaded the index.html file, it worked! However, when I try to change the HTML code in my text editor (Atom), save it, and refresh my website, nothing changes. The only way to get my website page to update and show the changes I made in the HTML code is to delete the file from the file manager, and then upload it again. What do I need to fix in order to get my website to update after making changes to the HTML code in my text editor?


EDIT: I also cannot see any changes in the CSS that I add. Even if I remove it from the file manager and upload it again.


Could be cache related

Hit CTRL + F5 on after updating the first time


Thanks for the reply, but nothing changed :frowning:


Nevermind, I solved it! I just didn’t connect my FTP to the website.